How to File a Harassment Complaint

Workplace harassment is based on the victim's preserved characteristic, offensive, unwelcome, and, severe or pervasive enough to affect the terms and conditions of the victim's employment. The most common types of workplace harassment include Discriminatory harassment in which the victim experiences harassment based on skin color, origin country, or citizenship. Gender harassment is another form of discriminatory harassment a male colleague will act in a way that is very degrading to a woman.

Sexual oriented based harassment occurs when colleagues keep greeting a male worker by the female version of his name although he has directed them to practice his proper name. The colleagues say this is just teasing but the worker is unsettled and annoyed by it. To file harassment complain, you should keep a detailed record regarding the time and date of the incident. Keep right, detailed records that will assist your supervisor to investigate the incident and will also be useful when it comes time to filing your charge.

It is very important to file the charge as soon as possible by checking the department of labor rules and complete procedure about it. You can use EEOC investigation process to file in which the EEOC will ask to answer the charge During the entire process, your employer is legally prohibited from beating you for filing your claim-they cannot fire you or demote you for assisting with an EEOC investigation or filing a complaint.

It is very important to hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer especially if the EEOC is unable to determine that a law was violated. If you observe that your case isn't being handled properly or that your employer is victimizing against you because you registered the complaint, it's sensible to hire a criminal defense lawyer to handle this entire situation.